Zipper Pull Replacement Metal Zipper Gripper Mend Fixer

Zipper Pull Replacement Metal Zipper Gripper Mend Fixer

Zipper Tab Pullers Zipper Sliders for Suitcases Coat Boots Jacket Backpacks

Metal Zipper Gripper Mend Fixer

Product Details

You will receive 8 pieces of zipper pullers, 4 in silver and 4 in black, and 8 pieces of black zipper extension pulls. Suitable for most bags and clothes.

The zipper pull combines the zipper with a push aside, which is a better solution to repair the zipper without much effort. It is durable, strong and reusable.

Zippers are made by zinc alloy and steel spring, which makes it solid, smooth, polished and not easy to fade or break. The zipper extension pulls are made of high quality PVC material with excellent workmanship.

Just push to one side and slide it into the opening and let it pop back. It is also easy to remove.

Zipper replacement pullers are suitable for backpacks, suitcases, coats, purses, jackets, etc. Just need to make sure if the size matches the zipper.


  • Material - zinc alloy and steel spring, PVC
  • Color - silver, black
  • Gross Weight - 33g/1.16 oz
  • Package Size - 6x6x1cm

  • Metal Zipper Puller - 3x0.8x0.3cm, 1.18x0.31x0.12"
  • Zipper Tags Cord Pulls - 6.4cm, 2.52"

  • 8 x Zipper Pullers
  • 8 x Zipper Extension Pulls
Metal Zipper Gripper Mend Fixer
Metal Zipper Gripper Mend Fixer
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