Waterproof Long Cuff and Flock Hand Gloves

Waterproof Long Cuff and Flock Hand Gloves

Reusable PVC Waterproof Long Cuff and Flock Lining Household Cleaning Gloves for Kitchen

Long Cuff and Flock Hand Gloves

Product Details

This dishwashing gloves are certified by Environmental Protection, odorless. High temperature resistant anti scald and prevention of accidental cuts, protect your hands safely.

100% Non-slip Perfect for dishwashing, kitchen, dishwashing, laundry cleaning, household, car washing and more.

Easy to put on and take off - Made of high quality latex free vinyl, with long cuffs and flock lining, and keep gap between gloves and hands. Feel clean.

Size - L fit for hand width 8.8-9.5cm. Precision flocking The general purpose of the four seasons. A unique five-layer process, antiskid, durable, and high temperature resistance. Washable color dose not fade and flocking no shedding.

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  • High quality PVC material, anti-slip surface, increase friction.
  • Inner velvet material, keep warm in winter.
  • Extra-long cuffs turn to catch drops.
  • Internal hook, hanging convenience, extend the service life of gloves.
  • Good quality waterproof fabric, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant.
  • Reusable rubber gloves are waterproof and oil-resistant and suitable for kitchen cleaning, dishwashing. Cleaning laundry, washing clothes. House cleaning, car washing. Gardening hairdressing, daily housework. Pet care, gardening work, paint jobs or mechanical operations and many more.
  • Super soft lining fabric, these are warm and waterproof household gloves.
  • Good quality waterproof fabric, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant.
  • Extra-long cuffs turn up to catch drips and help keep the inside of the glove dry.
Long Cuff and Flock Hand Gloves
Long Cuff and Flock Hand Gloves
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