Throw Soft Electric Blanket for Couch

Throw Soft Electric Blanket for Couch

Electric Heating Blanket with 4 Heating Levels and 1-12 Hours Auto-Off Time Settings

Electric Heating Blanket

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Mizeo launched in 2005 with a mission to introduce innovative and unique products to the heating and textile industry. The Mizeo Heated Blanket is ETL certified and has a built-in overheat protection system to ensure quality and safety. It provides a magnetic field-free sleep environment and promises protection against electric shock. Please read the instructions carefully before use to avoid local overheating due to improper use, which may result in burns.

We have changed the traditional distribution method of heating wire. Setting a large area of central heating wire that uses the position of safe comfort heating technology to heat your body quickly and efficiently, you will feel warm and comfortable this winter. Our heated throw blanket stimulates blood circulation to warm and relax your body to relieve fatigue.

US The Department of Energy conducted a test to determine the cost of electric blankets versus heaters. Their test showed that if you use each for 8 hours at a time, your space heater will cost you $66 per year, while your electric blanket throws will cost you $17.60 per year. The Mizeo Electric Throw Blanket costs very little to run, so it's a great option for chilly nights instead of cranking up the central heating.

A combination of classic flannel super-soft fabric with sherpa that wraps you in warmth and comfort during cold nights. The Mizio Heating Blanket Throw is a perfect gift for the whole family, featuring luxuriously thick fabrics for lasting comfort.

4 heating setting levels and 1-12 selectable hour settings. Our heating blanket caters to the individual needs of different people. Find the best temperature for you. Mizeo heated throws can be washed and dried, which is easy care. Read the instructions carefully and make sure to disconnect the power cord before washing it.
Electric Heating Blanket
Electric Heating Blanket
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