Socks Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer

Socks Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer

Punch-Free Wall Mounted Transparent Drawer Organizer for Underwear, Socks and Panties 

Socks Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer

Product Details

The size of this organizer box is about 36x11x8cm (14"x4"x3"), which will not take up much space in your office, bathroom and kitchen, and also has a good storage capacity. Of clutter, orderly.

Big or small, you can change the baffle to meet most of your needs. Remote controllers, phone chargers, and other medium items can also be stored in the box.

Not only underwear but daily use items, such as hair accessories and office supplies, can be placed at arm's height for easy access, making the most of wasted space, offices and bathrooms, can also decorate the appearance with this.

This wall-mounted storage box is self-adhesive, which can be firmly attached to a smooth wall surface, etc. Makes full use of wall space to save desktop space and uses wall space to easily solve table clutter.

Transparent acrylic design for easy holding and taking. It's easy to open and close, dust-proof, keeps things clean. The transparent panel makes objects clear and visible and less searching.

This storage box is designed with a cover to prevent water and dust from entering the case, thus preventing dirt from coming into contact with your socks and panties.
Socks Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer
Socks Underwear Wall Mount Drawer Organizer
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