Portable Lint and Clothes Fuzz Shaver Tool

Portable Lint and Clothes Fuzz Shaver Tool

Portable Lint Remover Pet Fur Remover Clothes Fuzz Remover Pet Hairball Quick Epilator Shaver

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Product Details

Not suitable for thin knit fabric, such as shirts, sweaters, pants. When using your fuzz remover, please use it a little more lightly.

This lint shaver doesn't require any batteries, so you can use it to remove lint and fuzz anytime and anywhere.

The pure copper can quickly remove fur balls, lint, hair and the round brush can easily smooth the fur coat.

The lint brush is made of pure copper head and smooth plastic handle, which makes it very long-lasting.

Excellent lint remover for cleaning your clothes, bedding, furniture, carpet, pet hair and car upholstery.

Pure copper head ensures long service life, easy to remove pet hair, breadcrumbs, cotton velvet, etc. without leaving sticky residue, on clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors. Ideal for cleaning parts.

Portable Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Shaver restores your clothes and fabrics to a new look!
Easily removes pet hair, dander, lint and more without leaving a sticky residue.

Restore your clothes and fabrics to a new look. Easily remove fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, lint and bobbles from all types of clothes and fabrics, such as sweaters, sofas, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, furniture, etc.

This Alternatech amazon technology is a must-have for pet owners.
Chosen by many loyal users, our remover is designed for unlimited reuse with savings.

And clean hair easily, effectively, conveniently and with our remover

Our manual application without settings
Just drag the area covered with fur and throw the collected ball! Easily cleans most embedded bits

Fast and easy to use, infinitely reusable
Easily and effectively remove pet hair from your carpet and it can continue to be used

Great for many non-woven fabrics
With the new non-damaging edge design, you can use all non-woven fabrics without worry.

Not Applicable - Any knitted garments and woven sofas etc.

  1. For the first use of our remover, keep the angle less than 10°. Check clothes, carpets, sofas etc. before use. Scrape slowly, master strength, and gradually optimize product action.
  2. Please pay attention to the material of the clothes before use. Do not use it for fine fabrics like silk, light wool and sweaters.
  3. Do not use it for low density knitwear. Otherwise, the clothes will be stretched and damaged!
alternatech net amazon
alternatech net amazon
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