Portable Folding Bathtub for Adults and Baby

Portable Folding Bathtub for Adults and Baby

Bathing Soaking Standing Bathtub with Lids and Thick Insulation Foam to Keep Temperature

Foldable Bathtub

Product Details

The folding bathtub is easy to assemble and foldable. After being assembled, you need to open it easily to get a bath. Even in your shower room or small bathroom, you can take a bath. It is an ideal choice for soaking bathtubs and portable folding bathtubs.

6 long bracket, 2 small bracket, 4 curved bracket, 6 T three-sided, 1 drain pipe, 1 folding bath tub. By assembling these accessories, it becomes a folding bathtub. Bath is achieved after pouring water.

The portable bathtub is made of high-quality oxford fabric, pearl cotton and aluminum alloy, which is durable and long-lasting. The bathtub is foldable and supported by water. Maximum weight is 660lb.

The folding bathtub is equipped with an insulation cover, which can strengthen the insulation effect, reduce heat loss, and play a long-term insulation effect.

The assembled bathtub is 116cm, 45.6in in length and 47cm, 18.5in in height. You can stretch freely in the water, there can be enough space for adults.
Foldable Bathtub
Foldable Bathtub
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