Foldable Mini Washing Machine

Foldable Mini Washing Machine

Alternatech Foldable Mini Small Portable Washer Washing Machine with Dryer Basket

Foldable Mini Washing Machine

Product Details

This mini portable washing machine is designed for delicate and small items. Its smaller loads can save water and electricity, but cleaning larger items can damage the machine. Our mini washing machine's drain basket can make your items drip-free and avoid hand wringing, but it can't dry clothes completely.

This mini portable washing machine is large at 11.49 x 11.49 x 11.4 inches, 11.49 x 11.49 x 3.66 inches when folded, light weight and easy to move. The mini washer can be loaded with 1.8bl, which is cleaner and more convenient to store in a small space. Our small washing machine will be a wonderful gift for people who love cleaning, love food-healthy, travel often, live with children, pets, patients, school and family.

This mini portable washing machine uses TPE material, but others in the market use TPR material. TPE is better than TPR and is more resistant to aging, yellowing, high temperature and corrosion. Our portable washer machine made of food-grade silicone material is an excellent choice for your personal items, baby items, pet items, fruits and vegetables!

This mini portable washing machine uses super quiet technology. The water consumption of our compact washing machine is 1/20 of a normal washing machine, and our camping washing machine only needs 0.005 kWh of electricity for 10 minutes of washing. Optional wash time 5 minutes or 10 minutes, and drain time 6 minutes. Excellent products and services can always save you more time, money, energy and hassles. Improve the quality of your life.

We stand by the quality and versatility of our mini portable washing machine. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with our mini washer machine, please feel free to let us know, and we will provide you with a satisfied solution.
Foldable Mini Washing Machine
Foldable Mini Washing Machine
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