Easy Glass Spray Type Cleaning Brush

Easy Glass Spray Type Cleaning Brush

3 in 1 Plastic Easy Glass Spray Type Cleaning Brush Wiper

Glass Window Cleaning Brush Wiper

Product Details

Add this white-and-green windshield to your car-washing kit. It easily removes water from any glass surface to help prevent water spots and hard water residue. With this squeegee, you are sure to get a clear view. Whether you want to clean your car at home or take it through a car wash, this is a great tool to have on hand.

This squeegee blade with spray bottle is the perfect tool to have on hand to keep your windshield clean during road trips. When you've been driving for a while, your windshield can get really dirty with bird droppings and insects, making it difficult to see. Keep your car looking pristine and your line of sight free and clear with this simple scraper tool.

Cleaning windows can be difficult if you don't have the right tools to do the job properly. Add this useful squeegee to your home cleaning supplies to keep all glass surfaces in your home clean and free of streaks or drips. Use this tool on sliding glass doors, window panes, mirrors and more.

Our automotive squeegee comes with a spray bottle so you can add more water to the windshield when needed. You can also fill a spray bottle with a soap and water solution to better clean your car windows. Also, this spray bottle can be disassembled to help you refill it more easily.

Although they are thorough, automated car washes often lose drops of water here and there, leaving behind dreaded water stains. Keep this auto glass cleaner tool in the trunk of your car so you have it handy whenever you need it. Whether you drive a large truck, small vehicle, SUV, or RV, this green squeegee is the best choice for achieving a streak-free clean.
Glass Window Cleaning Brush Wiper
Glass Window Cleaning Brush Wiper
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