Cereal Storage Containers Set with Measuring Cups

Cereal Storage Containers Set with Measuring Cups

Multipurpose Storage Cereal Dispenser Jar Containers Set with Measuring Cups and Air-Tight Lid

Cereal Storage Containers Set with Measuring Cups

Product Details

This Cereal Dispenser is made of high food grade BPA free, non-toxic PP material. Containers are checked for durability.

Length x Width x Height 15 x 9 x 28 cm (including measuring cup/cap). Mouth width is 3 cm without measuring cup and cap (15 x 9 x 23 cm).

The transparent grocery storage has a unique compression design that gives more grip. As seen through it you can easily identify the products that are stored in it. They come with a measuring cup so you know the perfect amount. The mouth of the container is wide enough that all grains and cereals can easily pass through it.

These cereal boxes can be used to store various grocery and household items in the kitchen. Grains and raw pasta can also be stored. Since the lid is quite tight, there is no chance of air passing through. You can also store your frames. They come in handy for holding cornflakes chocos.

Using the Storage Kitchen Organizer As soon as you open the packaging. Simply pour in the item and close the lid and place the measuring cup over the opening of the jar. 


The grain storage bin can be cleaned or washed as per your preference. Make sure the product is dry before loading items into it.
Cereal Storage Containers Set with Measuring Cups
Cereal Storage Containers Set with Measuring Cups
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