Alternatech Clothes Drying Rope with Clips

Alternatech Clothes Drying Rope with Clips

Retractable Adjustable Clothes Line Rope with Clips

Clothes Drying Rope with Clips

Product Details

Creative Design
This exclusive design for portable travel clothesline, which improves the shortcomings of other flexible clotheslines and brings great convenience to your camping, hiking, travel, outdoor and indoor family life.

Extraordinary Advantage
What makes Nasdom unique is that the clothesline itself is unstable but can be free to stretch the rope up to 4m (13ft) through the button. Unlike other bungees retractable clothesline, this one is long and the cord doesn't fall off when you dry the clothes. Additionally, it can be easily stored in a zip lock bag as it takes up minimal space in a traveler's backpack.

Strong and Durable
Made of stainless steel material which makes it strong, durable and rustproof. It can not only hang thin wash,but also to dry heavy clothes like jeans, overcoat, etc. Black clips that prevent 12 pieces of clothing from sliding. This way the laundry won't bunch up or move towards the center of the clothes lines.

Ideal Choice For Drying
This Retractable Clothesline also comes with steel hooks on both ends which can be attached anywhere, hotel, bathroom, laundry, RV, boat, balcony, backyard, student hostel or from Even attached to trees. People who like swimming, fishing, boating, etc. can use it to attach wet towels and trunks between trees or to their umbrella.

Complete After-Sales Service
We all use original images of our own products that have not been processed, free replacement throughout the year, to ensure you are completely safe. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.
Clothes Drying Rope with Clips
Clothes Drying Rope with Clips
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