3 in 1 Tiny Bottle Mouth and Lid Cleaning Brush

3 in 1 Tiny Bottle Mouth and Lid Cleaning Brush

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Bottle Mouth and Lid Cleaning Brush

Product Details

This cleaning brush is composed of three parts: bottle cleaning brush, white brush and assembly decoration. The bottle mouth cleaning brush can be used to clean the dirt in the groove, the disassembly device is used to press the seal ring and clean the cracks, and the white brush can clean the dirt of the bottle cork.

Made of high-quality polypropylene plastic, strong and durable, and with high quality, can withstand temperatures up to 80°C.

The bottle mouth cleaning brush is gentle on any surface and won't harm your household hygiene. And it specializes in washing deep grooves, crevices and corners. The brush is strong in exfoliation, and easy to clean.

Suitable for all kinds of cups and bottles, such as glasses, plates, pacifiers, sports cups, thermos cup lids, etc. Can also be used for kettles, kettle lids, plates etc.

Cute carrot design, small and exquisite. At the same time, it can be rotated and rotated by 180° and can be changed freely.
Bottle Mouth and Lid Cleaning Brush
Bottle Mouth and Lid Cleaning Brush
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