Household Quilt Blanket Ring Drying Hanger

Household Quilt Blanket Ring Drying Hanger

Creative Design Scarf Blanket Drying Hanger Spiral Space Saving Clothes Drying Rack

Scarf Blanket Drying Hanger

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Hang sheets, bedspreads, coverlets, mattress covers, blankets, towels, quilt covers and other clothes on indoor clothes rail, indoor ceiling, window clothes pegs, drying racks for balcony, ceiling, laundry room, dorm and Can be used to dry other clothes. other places

This spiral drying rack is suitable for bed covers and sheets. If you have this spiral hanger, you no longer have to worry about air drying taking up space, getting lost, and not being convenient to take down.

Can be hung on the ceiling equipped with special hooks, free to take up space, detachable design, enjoy life, break the space limit.

Simply stack the sheets and stack them from the entrance of the hanger, and then spread the quilt cover from the hanger and spread it evenly.

Unique spiral design, designed for bed sheets and covers. Omni-directional suspension, accelerating natural air drying, better drying effect.

The spiral sheet hanger is made of stainless steel, heavy bearing capacity, stable and durable, enjoy life, break the space limit. If you need heavy duty hangers, don't hesitate. These types of hangers are sturdy. Load-bearing capacity, do not worry about drying the quilt.
Scarf Blanket Drying Hanger
Scarf Blanket Drying Hanger
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