Liquid Soap Bottle Holder Hooks Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Shampoo Suction, Shower Gel Bottle Holder Hooks 

Liquid Soap Bottle Holder Hooks Wall Mounted

About this Product

  • SELF-ADHESIVE DESIGN - shower bottle holder suction easy install, magic paste, not suitable for rough or textured surface, please mount on oil-free or non-moisture flat surfaces such as glass or smooth wall.
  • SAVE SPACE - Shampoo holder is perfect for small bathrooms, kitchen and toilet, working room. They will not appear to deteriorate due to the wrong placement of these products
  • STRONG ADHESIVE - It's perfect for hanging shampoo and shower gel bottles in the bathroom. Soap Liquid Detergent Bottle, 1 PCS Free Small Loop Can Adjustment For Small Pump Head
  • REMOVE GUIDE - Use a hair dryer to heat the sticker, tear it off easily when there is enough heat.
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET - 3 PCS Shower Gel Bottle Hood, 3 PCS Magic Paste, 3 PCS Loop
  • Shampoo holder for shower, please check if the size matches your bottle before purchase
Liquid Soap Bottle Holder Hooks Wall Mounted
Liquid Soap Bottle Holder Hooks Wall Mounted
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