Food Storage Vacuum Bag with Pump

Food Storage Vacuum Bag for Keep Fresh Food with Pump

Food Storage Vacuum Bag with Pump

About this Product

  • SIZE - 5 small bags (22 * 21 CM), 5 medium bags (28 * 26 CM)
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH - Vacuum sealer bags create an airtight barrier around food, locking in moisture and oxygen to enhance freshness and lock flavors. It locks in nutrients and helps keep food fresh 5X longer. Slow down food spoilage and keep food tasty and palatable. And without taking up valuable kitchen space.
  • SAFE VACUUM SEALER BAGS - Vacuum sealer bags, made of high-quality and multi-layered BPA-free materials, mean there are no harmful chemicals in the plastic that can contaminate your food.
  • HEAVY DUTY AND PUNCTURE PREVENTION - Strong and thick double zipper bag for SOS video. Air-tight seal prevents air and locks in freshness. You can keep it in the fridge or in your larder, wherever you like. You can use it at home or take food vacuum seal bags anywhere and anytime, camping and picnic; hunting and fishing; Keep materials fresh, improve quality of life and eliminate waste.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - put your food in sous vide vacuum bags, seal it using the clip and release the air through the valve. For daily maintenance, vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean with vinegar, dish soap and warm water then store in a clean and dry place before using again.
Food Storage Vacuum Bag with Pump
Food Storage Vacuum Bag with Pump
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