Double Tube Disposable Cup Holder

Pull Type Double Tube Cup Holder and Dispenser 

Double Tube Disposable Cup Holder

About this Product

  1. DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PRODUCTS - high quality, high quality, beautiful appearance can enhance the beauty of the family, more beautiful than other products.
  2. QUALITY MATERIALS - The disposable cup holder is made of high quality hard ABS plastic and tough transparent polypropylene. Thick, strong and light material, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and health.
  3. TOP DUST COVER - Effective dust-proof, moisture-proof, protect disposable cups from dirt. You can also store things like tea bags and coffee bags.
  4. TRACELESS INSTALLATION - Equipped with durable 3M adhesive, easy to install, no tools, no drilling, no damage to the wall. Tip: Remove the adhesive from the protective layer and stick it to a smooth surface. It is better to leave it for 24 hours for better adherence.
  5. SIZE AND CAPACITY - Length: 7.8'', Width: 4.3'', Height: 9.4'', Capacity: Can hold 80 cups at a time, and only one cup will be drawn at a time, which is conveniently clear Designed with a visual tube. Refill the paper cups one at a time.
Double Tube Disposable Cup Holder
Double Tube Disposable Cup Holder
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