Double Layer Soap Dish Saver with Drain Tray

Self Adhesive Double Layer Soap Dish Saver with Drain Tray for Bathroom and Toilet

No-Drilling Soap Holder

About this Product

  • EASY TO INSTALL - no tools or drilling required, completely damage free. Simply peel off the adhesive protective layer and stick it to a clean and dry surface. The design of this soap holder for bathroom tray under the soap container for water self-draining, easy to remove the soap drip, help your soap to dry faster, away from soft and dark, keep your item dry. And keeps clean.
  • POWERFUL VACUUM SUCTION CUP - The third generation vacuum suction technology can withstand the suction cup of this soap dish soap case up to 5 kg.
  • MAXIMIZE SOAP LIFE - Self-adhesive soap holder slotted design and drawer tray design allow soap to drain and dry naturally, away from getting soft and gooey, maximizing the life of your bars.
  • DOUBLE LAYERS - Keep this friendly draining soap holder to keep your floor dry, water flows down the top layer and then sits in the bottom layer which is easy to clean.
  • VERSATILE - Self-adhesive soap holder for bathroom is a perfect soap saver for shower, bathroom, bathtub, counter, kitchen, etc., can be placed at any location and height.
Overall Customers Ratings
4.0 ⭐

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