3 Layer Soap Dish Holder Wall Mounted

3 Layer Soap Dish Holder Wall Mounted

3 Layer Soap Dish Holder For Bathroom Shower And Kitchen Wall

3 Layer Soap Dish Holder

About this Product

  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION - The shower soap tray has an adhesive on the back, it can be installed in seconds. No tools required. No marks, no nails, no holes, no stains, no drilling to install and remove cleanly.
  • POWERFUL VACUUM SUCTION CUP - 3rd generation vacuum suction technology, the suction cup of this soap dish can withstand 5kg, can also be an organizer rack.
  • THREE LAYERS DESIGN - Removable top, easy to take apart for cleaning, slightly raised bar that your soap sits on, beautiful and reduces bacterial growth. Water flows down from the top layer and then settles in the bottom layer which is easy to clean
  • SAVE A SPACE AND SAVE ON SOAP - This soap dish holder storage wall mounted soap dish makes extra space, hang beauty bar soap, cleaner, sponge, scouring pad. Let your home be more organized! Ideal for use in shower, sink, bathtub, restaurant, hotel, laundry room, toilet etc.
  • HOT TIPS - The suction cups only adhere to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, tile, stainless steel and acrylic but do not apply to uneven tiles, textured plates, unfinished marble, wallpaper, painted walls.
3 Layer Soap Dish Holder
3 Layer Soap Dish Holder
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