Oil Soup Separator Spoon for Kitchen

Oil Soup Separator Spoon for Kitchen

Stainless Steel Oil Soup Separator Spoon, Oil Filter Spoon

Oil Filter Spoon

About this Product

  • High quality - It is made of 304 stainless steel, hard and not easy to break, durable.
  • Design - oil separation principle, oil and soup inseparable, soup flows out through small holes, and filter grease. It has a hanging hole design for convenient storage and easy access. Large capacity, deep design, more storage and easy filtering.
  • Unique appearance - ergonomic design, the handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Scope - kitchen spoon tool, suitable for a variety of people such as older children, pregnant women, weight loss people.
Oil Soup Separator Spoon
Oil Soup Separator Spoon
Overall Customer Ratings
3.5 ⭐

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