Kitchen Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can

Over Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can for Kitchen and Toilet Use

Kitchen Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can

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  • NO ODOR, NO FRUIT FLIES - The indoor compost bin is odorless, designed to repel non-fruit flies. With a compact lid, the compost bucket keeps odors in and fruit fly away, perfect for storing food waste.
  • CONVENIENT LID - The lid has a two-way opener. When you slide it down, it's out and the counter is easy to clean, when you lift it up, it's easy to dump food residue into the bowl. .
  • NO NEED TO BEND - The litter box is designed with two hanging methods. Hanging over kitchen cupboard doors or attached to the wall (hanging hook included). No need to bend over to drop objects. Especially suitable for cutting. Pick up vegetables and avoid bending back and forth.
  • SPACE SAVING AND MOVE FREE - The waste bin is so light and compact that it can not only be hung on the cabinet door to save floor space, but also easy to move to wherever you need, such as under the sink, toilet Next, the bedroom. , living room. Make sure it will fit in a cabinet 10.3"x5.1"x11.6".
  • EASY TO CLEAN - high-quality PP lid litter box, its surface is smooth and strong. It is easy to clean with water. Also, can line it with a reusable plastic grocery bag to keep it clean.
Kitchen Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can
Kitchen Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can
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