Bathtub Hanging Adhesive Hook Without Screws

Bathtub Hanging Adhesive Hook Without Screws

Bathtub Hanging Self Adhesive Hook Without Screws for Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathtub Hanging Adhesive Hook

About this Product

  • HANG WHAT YOU WANT - the hooks can easily withstand a weight of 5 kg, so effectively you can hang many things including your walls, bathroom accessories or kitchen pans. These adhesive hooks can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, closet or kitchen. The L hook design gives you more options for hanging. Adhesive Magic Sticker is 100% water resistant; Retaining its durability even when your hooks are in regular contact with water
  • VERY DURABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL - The Hokipo Magic Sticker comes with a self-adhesive strip that can be applied to any clean and dry surface such as tiles, marble, granite, glass, ceramic, veneer, bakelite . The adhesive strip is waterproof, heat and steam-proof, ensuring your wall hooks last longer even in warm and humid environments like the kitchen or bathroom.
  • HEAVY DUTY L HOOK BY HOKIPO MAGIC STICKER SERIES - Strong wall hooks with a load capacity of 5 kg. Can be placed on clean and smooth surfaces like tiles, marble, granite, glass, sanmica, veneer, bakelite. Adhesive based Hokipo Magic Sticker Series hooks are 100% water resistant; Retaining its durability even when they are in regular contact with water
  • NEVER FALLS OFF - Hokipo L hooks for hanging come with Hokipo magic sticker adhesive strip that provides a load bearing capacity of up to 5 kg. Much better than the old suction types that fall out all the time. Hokipo Magic Sticker is an innovative formula that firmly adheres to surfaces and improves the loading capacity and service life of wall-mounted appliances in bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else in the home, without damaging your walls.
  • STRONG 12 MONTH ADHESIVE WARRANTY - If the sticker wears off within 12 months of your order date, we'll give you a replacement sticker. You will only have to bear the nominal logistics cost. For support / claim, contact us on our WhatsApp (WhatsApp support only).
  • GENTLE REMINDER - Make sure you are using the wall hooks on a clean and smooth surface (tiles, marble, granite, glass, sanmica, veneer, bakelite) and not on a rough surface like painted walls or uneven tile. .
Bathtub Hanging Adhesive Hook
Bathtub Hanging Adhesive Hook
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