Portable Folding Clothes Hangers

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Foldable Clothes Hangers

About this Product

  • Strong and durable - Each hanger weighs 42 grams and is made of high-quality raw materials, which is much more than other similar hangers in the market. It will not break even if you hang wet and heavy clothes.
  • Anti-Falling Design - The unique design allows your clothes to hang on the hanger so they don't fall off, so you don't have to worry about clothes falling off.
  • Convenience - This hanger can be retracted, and the reduced hanger can save a lot of space in suitcases and travel bags.
  • Lightweight - Due to the scalability of the hanger, it is very convenient to carry. It can be used not only at home, but also during travel and camping.
  • Other functions - Baby clothes can be hung when they are half opened, and men's and women's clothes can be hung when they are fully opened. There is a feminine design in the middle to prevent clothes from sliding. Understand the multi-purpose of a thing.
  • High-quality - Its high quality clothes hanger makes the service life much longer than other similar clothes hangers in the market. It cannot be broken even by hanging it on heavy clothes.
Foldable Clothes Hangers
Foldable Clothes Hangers
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