Portable Compressed Tablet Tissue Towel

Portable Compressed Tablet Tissue Towel

Portable Compressed Tissue Tablet Face Towel

Tablet Tissue Towel

About this Product

  • Ideal product for home, office, restaurants, hospitals, schools, picnic, camping, travel.
  • Hygienic and 100 % cotton made DIY compressed masks for hydrating your skin and leaving it soft and nourished.
  • These masks are designed to fit your face without any discomfort and have eyelids to cover the entire face.
  • The paper is dry, there isn't facial product embedded in the paper.
  • Made from 100% natural fibers, safe for skin.
  • Individual packaging - Small particles of the towel with separate packaging, not all hundreds of files together, it's too unsanitary. It's very convenient. If you go anywhere, only a few will suffice. 
  • Save space - The most convenient and quick to use individual and independent packaging does not take up space, suitable for outdoor travel and personal care. 
  • Chemical and Fragrance - Free All 50 wipes are chemical and fragrance free, making them safe for your sensitive skin.
Tablet Tissue Towel
Tablet Tissue Towel
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