Over The Door Hook Hanger Organizer

Over The Door Hook Hanger Organizer


Over The Door Hook Hanger

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About this Product

  • MULTIPURPOSE - Eliminate clutter and manage unused space in your home by adding instant storage with this 7 hook organizer rack. Ideal for offices, bedrooms, bathroom cabinets, etc. for hanging clothes, jackets, scarves, ties, belts, wallets. etc. It also serves as a versatile product for organizing accessories. Use it as a multipurpose support hook.It is convenient to use for any clothes or accessories that are used more frequently. 
  • EASY TO USE - Save time and money with this over the door hook. This over door hook simply fits over the door panel like a saddle and can be easily slid from side to side or moved from one door to another. The over the door storage is ready to use and you don't have to pay for the installation, it doesn't require the use of power tools. 
  • SIMPLE AND SMOOTH - The hook hanger is strong, durable and has fine workmanship that will not crack or scratch your doors.
  • Dimensions - Width x Height x Thickness: 42 x 4 x 10 cm 
  • Material - Mild Steel
  • Color - Black, White and Brown
  • Weight - 380 g Dirt and rust resistant. This DOOR HANGER supports up to 4 - 6 kg of weight. 
  • FOR BETTER USE - Make sure your door is less than 4cm thick and there is enough clearance above your door: 1.5mm (the thickness of a coin). 
  • WARRANTY - 24 months guarantee: covers welding and finishing of the product.

You must be tired of the clutter in your home. Solve this problem by using the space behind the door. Just hang this steel door hook organizer, then easily hang your clothes, jeans, umbrella, jacket, scarves, bags, keys, towels, etc. on these hardened steel door hooks. Hooks are made from high quality material and a premium finish that will remain rust free for years to come. Don't waste precious time going through a messy closet.No screws, nails, drills, holes, nuts, bolts required to attach/install, just hang. The best thing about these steel hooks is that you can hang them on any door in your home and office. You can easily find your clothes, scarf or bag when you are in a hurry. It saves a lot of time by hanging things easily and organizes your house quickly.

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