Mini Wire Brush for Cleaning

Mini Wire Brush with Brass, Nylon, Stainless Steel Bristles

Wire Brush for Cleaning

About this Product

  • Set of 3 Mini Wire Brush Set - Includes: (1) Nylon Wire Brush, (1) Brass Wire Brush, (1) Stainless Steel Wire Brush.
  • A nylon bristle brush remains in an opening to remove dirt and dust. Brass bristle brushes for cleaning dirty gas range stoves. Steel bristle brush to remove rust.
  • Stain Remover Wire Brush Set Powerful stain remover windowsill cracks, sink edges, stove seams, giving you a clean home. Compact design, can effectively remove stubborn stains. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, gas stove, faucet and other corners. Polishing pads feature stain removal in tough corners, hard brass bristles easily scrub away stuck-on dirt.
  • Ideal for cleaning small car parts such as spark plugs or removing small patches of rust and excess paintwork. An excellent all-round set. Set of three mini wire brushes suitable for different applications.
  • The angled head reaches hard to reach corners and cleans hard to clean surfaces. Mini cleaning tools that get into the tiniest of places and where other brushes can't reach - perfect for gas hob burners, cooker tops and burnt-on food.
Wire Brush for Cleaning
Wire Brush for Cleaning
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