Mini Plastic Washboard for Kids Clothes

Mini Plastic Washboard for Kids Clothes

Mini Washboard for Kids Clothes Underwear and Socks

Mini Plastic Washboard

About this Product 

  • Ergonomics - Ergonomic handle comfortable and not tiring to hold hands, easy to operate; Split handle, can fit washing greasepaint. 
  • Easy to carry small and movable , can also be hung on the wall, saving space.
  • Plastic Washtub with Washboard Thick Laundry Basin Wash Baby undergarments Plastic Laundry Basin Home Washing Board Tool.
  • Mini Plastic Washboard, Washboard Household Laundry Tub Dormitory Laundry Board,Non-Slip Mini Washboard for kiddies Clothes undergarments Socks.
  • Washboards for men's, women's and children's apparel suits for home and trip. 
  • Color - Multicolour.
  • Material - Plastic.
Mini Plastic Washboard
Mini Plastic Washboard
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