Leakage Repair Waterproof Tape


Leakage Repair Waterproof Tape

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About this Product

  • WATER-RESISTANT ADHESIVE TAPE: The aluminum foil tape adopts high polymer synthesis butyl adhesive, which has strong adhesive ability. 
  • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF: The waterproof leak repair tape can be used for repairing, sealing hose, pipe, surface crack, etc. The foil tape also provides waterproof protection. Waterproof tape has excellent moisture and weather resistance .
  • DURABLE AND LASTING USE: Wear-resistant, non-slip and durable layers. Waterproof pipe leak tape can maintain flexibility and adhesion, and resist a certain degree of displacement and deformation. The roof water leak solution is resistant to aging for many years. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our waterproof pipe leak tape installs easily, quickly and ideally around tight, textured, uneven corners and most uneven surfaces. You can also easily use waterproof tape in unusual patterns.It is installed without gaps and can reliably shut off wind, water, dust, oil, moisture, steam, harsh chemicals and other leaks. 
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Suitable for roof water leak solution, window sealing, RV awning, gutter, downspout, boat, jet ski, canoe, outdoor equipment, RV, RV and RV, PVC pipe and piping, sprinkler system, doors, walls, seams, vents, air ducts, HVAC systems, DIY projects, etc. 
  • SUPER STRONG WATERPROOF ADHESIVE TAPE FOR PERMANENT REPAIRS BUTYL RUBBER ALUMINUM FOIL TAPE: It retains good flexibility, strong adhesion, and can withstand a certain degree of displacement, and deformation has good tracking ability. It is weather, aging and water resistant and has sealing, vibration damping and surface protection. Very easy to use, simply pull off the pulled film and seal the butyl band wherever you need it. Ship seals, glass and roof repairs.Waterproof, sealed and UV (daylight) resistant. Our company's butyl tape is made of pure butyl rubber with professional technical treatment. Waterproof Leak Repair Tape is a strong, UV resistant, waterproof, easy to melt, permanent adhesive. It saves you money and time. It has the best waterproof performance and can effectively prevent leakage.
  • SELF ADHESIVE:Once properly applied, the butyl molecules can fuse together as a unit on the countertop. Aluminum foil easily seals in vapor and no additional water-repellent layer is required.
  • WEAR-RESISTANT SURFACE: Unlike many traditional putty tapes, Fowong's improved wear-resistant aluminum layer can prevent breakage after scratches or heavy loads.
  • INSULATED BOTH WATER AND HEAT: Can adapt to most types of weather; You can use the butyl sealing tape between 5 and 113 degrees F. Its highly adhesive backing expertly insulates water and heat. Your ideal tool for home, car, outdoor etc.

  • Multi-functional tape, easy to use.
  • Thicker tape, more viscous and longer lasting.
  • Repair wall cracks and use the roof for waterproofing.
  • The smooth surface tape has a high reflectivity and is more thermally insulated.
  • Aluminum foil material, not afraid of scratching, anti-friction, high temperature resistance.

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