Foot Cleaning Mat Scrubber Pad for Bathroom

Silicone Non Slip Foot Massager Scrubber Pad

Foot Cleaning Mat

About this Product

  • Shower Foot Scrubber - Hundreds of scrubbing bristles will leave your feet clean like they have never felted before. Wrinkles make it difficult to reach the areas between your toes without bending over.
  • Foot Massager – Our foot massager and scrubber will massage your tired aching feet to make them feel happy again. Get to each pressure point and massage as hard or as lightly as you like.
  • Improved foot and leg circulation – Good circulation is vital to a person's health. A foot massage is one of the various ways to improve circulation in the feet and legs for happier and healthier you.
  • Eliminate Foot Odor - Smelly feet are no one's friend. Fight foot odor and relieve your foot worries by mixing your favorite foot wash with tea tree oil.
  • Suitable for the crowd - office workers, manual workers, elderly, children, especially suitable for people who are uncomfortable to bend, such as pregnant women.

Foot Cleaning Mat
Foot Cleaning Mat

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