Double Sided Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Tape

Double Sided Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Tape

Self Adhesive Tape

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About this Product

  • HIGH QUALITY AND ECO-FRIENDLY ADHESIVE TAPE - The durable double-sided tape is made of nano-acrylic, which is guaranteed to work on any smooth surface. Holds up to 15 lbs on smooth surfaces. The tape works perfectly in a range of temperatures. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, can be used without any problems.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - New nanotechnology and conformable material makes it stay on all surfaces. When it gets dirty, you can wash it with water. Do not use any other cloths or cleaning products. .After tearing off, it can be directly washed with water to restore viscosity for reuse.
  • PRECAUTIONS FOR USE - It is suitable for sticking on dry and smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, marble and plastic, and is not suitable for dusty walls. , oil or water stained walls, wet surfaces or uneven surfaces to avoid damage and falling of the walls.
  • EASY TO CUT AND USE - You can DIY this transparent tape in any size and length as you like! It can be stretched, bent and folded to meet your needs. If the weight of your object is heavier, you need to use more UCRAVO tape to keep it stronger. Work in a temperature range of 0℉(-16℃) to 200℉(90℃). Size: Length: 3 meters (9.8 feet) Width: 3 cm (1.18 inches) Thickness: 2 mm (0.08 inches).
  • 2022 UPDATED UCRAVO DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE - This mounting tape can solve problems of placing items at home or outdoors, bringing more convenience to your life. Self-adhesive, washable and reusable. Strong, durable and easy to remove. Does not attack surfaces. or leave residue when removed. It can be stretched, folded, cut to any size and length. Recyclable and ecological. Your new double-sided tape - an absolute must in every home.

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