Broom and Dustpan Set Combo with Long Handle

Broom and Dustpan Set Combo with Long Handle


Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set

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About this Product

  • High-strength pet: gentle and stubborn cleaning of the floor. 
  • Simple snap-joint design: the handle of the dustpan has a snap-joint, which makes the dustpan and broom in one. 
  • Comfortable handle with ergonomic design even saves a lot of time with reinforced handle foldable pickup, save space, no fine dust smooth, sweep the floor.
  • PERFECT BROOM AND DUST PAN COMBO - Full size professional quality broom and dust pan set for convenient sweeping in home and commercial use. Easy to assemble and very reliable. A true space saver, the broom fits securely in the dustpan and handles with clips for easy setup and storage. 6 layers of soft, dense, flexible bristles effectively capture dust and dirt. The 36" handle is the perfect length with an additional 16" extension.
  • INNOVATIVE BRUSH DESIGN 2021 - The broom has a newly designed 60° swivel head for easy cleaning under a table, sofa or bed. Effortlessly clean all those hard-to-reach spots without missing a single piece of dirt. bend or kneel! An ergonomic soft EVA sponge handle also ensures your comfort. Made from ECO-ABS plastic and 100% rustproof stainless steel, this high-quality, heavy-duty broom is built to last for years to come.
  • SELF-CLEANING COMB DESIGN - The sturdy teeth on top of the dustpan "comb" the broom as it picks up hair/dust/lint that would normally get caught in the bristles. Otherwise, you'll have to remove them manually, which isn't the most pleasant experience. especially if you suffer from allergies. The dustpan has a rubber edge and sticks perfectly to the floor. It picks up everything, even the tiniest particles, on the first hit so you end up spending less time cleaning and more time living!
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN - The smart design of the broom and dustpan set makes it perfect for small storage closets as it is very compact to save maximum space. The broom fits into the dustpan for upright storage and is also collapsible for easy storage and moving.
  • THE PERFECT HEIGHT - Forget about short and uncomfortable brooms! This floor broom is extra high at 95 cm, so you never have to bend down again! The long broom handle also allows you to reach every nook and cranny, even under the sofa, allowing you to keep your space spotless.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Brooms and dustpans are made with special care and from the best materials so that you can enjoy a unique longevity. Strong ABS plastic for flawless results.
  • CONVENIENT POWDER - This amazing dustpan is designed with your convenience in mind so you can easily achieve perfect results! It has built-in teeth so you can comb the broom's bristles and keep them clean of dirt and excess dirt.

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