Waterproof Tape for Kitchen Sink Oil Proof Caulk Tape

Waterproof Tape for Kitchen Sink Oil Proof Caulk Tape

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Waterproof Tape for Kitchen Sink Oil Proof Caulk Tape
Waterproof Tape for Kitchen Sink
Waterproof Tape for Kitchen Sink

Product Details

Waterproof And Oil Proof Caulk Tape
Made of waterproof PE material. Waterproof Caulk Strip Self Adhesive is widely used in tub, toilet, bathtub, bathroom and kitchen. Environmentally friendly, featuring stronger adhesion and adhesion than conventional PVC.

Durable And Tight Seal
This magic caulk tape with high performance adhesive for the kitchen can adhere to any angle and surface to create a tight seal. Durable sealing tape for the kitchen sink gives your home a new look. Tape for kitchen sink corner line sticking strip

Flexible And Pre-shaped For Quick And Easy Installation
Simply peel off the Gap Sealer Waterproof Tape and press it to the surface in minutes. You can cut our adhesive caulk strip as needed; No tools, no mess, hassle and waste, an easy alternative to regular caulk.

Strong And Long Lasting
This upgraded PE waterproof tape for the kitchen sink with a thicker caulk, so the sticking time will be longer and stronger. Please make sure the surface is clean and dry before you use it in wet areas and remove any existing silicone caulking before installation.

Kitchen Sink Tape Waterproof For Corner
It is suitable for parallel and vertical smooth surfaces. Sticker tape waterproof kitchen print will be sent as per availability. Size: 3.2m x 3.8cm.

Product Features

Various Applications
Made of high-quality PVC material, this waterproof resistant sealing tape for kitchen sinks has a smooth and beautiful surface and provides a long-lasting seal, making it ideal not only in kitchens but also as a trim line for the home. It can also be used.
Caulk tape

Waterproof And Oil Proof Caulk Tape
When this caulk tape is used on a kitchen stove, it can prevent oil and water from entering the stove. After pasting, moreover, it can be easily cleaned, even the oil stain can be easily removed!
Caulk tape

Kitchen Bathroom Sink Waterproof Tape Gap Self Adhesive
The flexible PVC ceiling strip with crease design can be folded up to 90 degrees to tightly seal the gap between walls. Caulk strip tape can keep kitchens and bathrooms looking like new for a long time.

How To Use

  • Wipe dry the sticking position and surrounding area.
  • Tear off the sticker on the back of Caulk Tape.
  • Stronger viscosity after blowing heat / with adhesion promoter.
  • Attach gap sealer waterproof tape to the seam.
  • Do not touch water within 24 hours after pasting.


  • Type: Sticker tape waterproof kitchen
  • Size: about 3.8 * 320cm / 1.50 * 125.98in
  • Quantity: 1pc Waterproof tape
  • Color: Multi-color and design

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