Water Spray Nozzle for Garden Car and Pet Washing


Water Spray Nozzle

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About this item

  • 1/2" High Quality, Pure Brass Spray Nozzle, Adjustable Spray patterns. Connects to common half inch hosepipe. Just turn slightly to change spray pattern - for watering garden, washing cars, washing house, etc. Set of 1 Nozzle + 1 Connector. Foam packaged in box, for no scratches during shipping.
  • Heavy, made of pure brass. 1/2". Rust free. Long lasting. Strong & Durable. Does not break if it falls on ground, because its brass. Tested for several thousands of turns.
  • Comes in two parts. Spray fits snugly into the 1/2" holder, and holder attaches to the pipe. Can use pipe without spray also - just pull out the spray leaving holder attached to pipe. So, no need to remove holder. Smart design. So, no need to remove holder. Smart design.
  • Spray has inner seals, that provides perfect fit with 1/2" holder. Holder has inner seals to grip the pipe for perfect fitting. Easy to install, easy to disassemble. Nozzle Length 9.5cm. Connector length = 3.5 cm.
  • Smart fit – Takes less than a minute to attach it to 1/2" pipe. Works with all thickness of half inch hose pipe. Has mirror finish.
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Overall - 4.0 ⭐

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