Smokeless Electric Barbeque Grill 2000W for Indoor and Outdoor

Smokeless Electric Barbeque Grill 2000W for Indoor and Outdoor


Electric Barbeque Grill

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About this Product

  • Powerful 2000W heating element, multi-characteristic electric powered grill could be very appropriate for vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese, etc.
  • The high-quality management of temperature adjustment mechanically cuts off the power, and also the 5-level adjustment exceeds the rated temperature.
  • The handles on both sides are made of plastic that does not conduct heat to avoid burning your hands.
  • The smokeless indoor grill means all fat and juices drip from the heat source into the always-cold drip tray, meaning no smoke or flare-ups.

Best Smokeless Grill for Indoor & Outdoor
  • Suitable for cooking chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, vegetables, etc. Suitable for couples and even for 5 people.
  • All you have to do is plug in the grill to enjoy healthy, crispy and delicious grilled food anytime.
  • Applied to: Dinner parties, individual meals, inhabitancy and vacationing holidays.

Non-Stick Cooking Surface
  • The non-stick surface is easy to clean and helps hold delicate foods together instead of sticking or breaking. Food comes off easily
  • The cooking gril is chrome-plated, the heating tube is made of stainless steel. Sample can be offered for quality test if you need.
  • It has a non-stick metal grill that incorporates the bundle and it's miles removable with cool contact handle. Adjustable height. It eases your cooking at anytime.

Iron Plate Grill
  • Ripple surface : It an be used for frying pork burger, sliced meat, meat roll, vegetable,kabob and fruit etc.
  • Smooth surface : It may be used for frying cheesecake, dumping, all varieties of pie,rice cake, candy potato. It also can be used as a warmth plate for heating beverage and cooking coffee.

Anti-Slip Skid Leg
  • Non Slip leg for simple to line up.
  • The four pvc pegs for usage on kitchen slabs, adjustable temperature, power indicator light.
  • excellent electric operated barbecue grill for your desires of oven and bbq throughout picnic, camping, tracking or leisure at home.

Easy to Clean
  • The parts of the barbecue grill can be easily disassembled after cooking is complete for easy cleaning.

Customer ratings by feature
Easy to assemble
4.0 ⭐
Easy to use
3.9 ⭐
Easy to clean
3.9 ⭐
Temperature control
3.8 ⭐

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