Sink Faucet Expandable Water Tap

Sink Faucet Expandable Water Tap

Flexible Tap for Kitchen Sink

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About this item

  • Perfect For normal kitchen sink Taps, Moderately Flexible which makes it easy to rotate and hold its place while using
  • Tap Extender Sprayer, Makes the normal water flow into sprayer form like a shower which helps in cleaning greater area at the same time and in same amount of water
  • Comes with a Tightening Metal Clamp use the clamp right not too tight not too loose so as to prevent leakage and damaging
  • Only applicable to round head faucet diameter (16 ~ 22 mm),You can adjust the tightness freely. You can adjust the size according to the faucet size.
  • Suitable for 99% types of faucets. Convenient and flexible, save your time.

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Easy to use

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Easy to install

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Value for money

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