Round Shape Glass Grain Storage Box

Round Shape Glass Grain Storage Box

4 in 1 Round Shape Glass Grain Storage Box Tank for Pulses, Cornflakes, Rice, Nuts, Coffee Bean, Jar

Round Shape Glass Grain Storage

Round Shape Glass Grain Storage Box
Round Shape Glass Grain Storage Box

About This Product

This is a 360 degree rotating grain storage container. It is used to store dry food in the kitchen. It has 4 grids, in one of which you can store rice and in the other 3 grids you can store different types of grains. In this 360 degree rotating dry food storage container, you can store up to 6 kilograms of grain or pulse or dry food.

Product Details

The storage of this grain or dry food storage box is very good according to your usage, in which you can store approximately 6 kilograms of grains easily. If you want to keep different types of grains in this grain dispenser box, then you can store 4 types of dry foods in it at one time because you can divide this grain dispenser into 4 grids. If you want to store only 1 type of grain in it, then you can remove the dividers in it and use its full capacity to store only one dry food.

This grain dispenser box is made of high quality food grade PE plus PET material. Due to being made with good material, it is resistant to high temperature and no bad smell comes from it. In it you can store your food with confidence and its transparent window allows you to refill the grain in time and to see the amount of storage.

360 Degree Rotating
This dry food storage container rotates 360 degrees. Due to which you can take dry food out of it without lifting the entire box. To take the dry food out of it, press the button above the groove given below it and get dry food as per your requirement. It is very easy to use and it also saves your time.

Insect and Moisture Proof
This dry food dispenser box is insect and moisture proof. The lid above it is removable through which you can put the grains in it and this lid comes with airtight rubber with the help of which the food remains insect and moisture proof. There is a compartment in the middle of the lid where you can put garlic or star anise to save the grain.

Multipurpose Storage Box
In this food storage box, you can store many types of foods such as chickpeas, rice, millet, black gram, barley, all types of rice and mung beans, red beans, all types of small beans, cashews and large beans like soybeans, etc.

How To Use

If you also want to use this multipurpose grain dispenser or dry food storage box, then first order it through Best Home Gadgets Shop and when you get your order, unbox it and put it in your kitchen.

Package Stuff

  • 1X Dry Food Dispenser Box

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